Who’s Deirdre Bounds?

Good question; I’m an ethical entrepreneur. Self-made multi-millionaire. Channel4 TV presenter. Best-selling author. And inspiring event speaker. With so many achievements under my belt, it’s no wonder that I’ve got a lot of experience to share


My talks draw on years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. I use the areas of risk taking, creativity, self-reflection and power (as opposed to force) to inspire and fill my audiences with faith in themselves and others. I bring my own real business experience – the successes as well as the many failures for others to learn from. I use age-old techniques for true self reflection to help people see their world from a different perspective. My engagements are informative, current, authentic and powerful. I’ve delivered hundreds of talks and workshops to people working both for themselves and those who work in the world’s best companies. The results? Clarity, innovation and improved financial and emotional health for all.

My work breaks down into 2 main areas: I deliver powerful and inspiring keynote speeches and I present thought-provoking Leadership training which is not for the feint hearted. I’m truly happy ‘giving’ in a way that is practical, compassionate and will help deliver both personal and business improvement.


I changed the world of ethical travel by setting up i-to-i, which went on to become the world’s biggest gap year travel company.

Media commentator and author

From writing a best selling personal development book to taking on the international gold industry as an undercover reporter on C4’s Dispatches…


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